05-07 March 2025: 10KM Swim, 420KM Bike, 84.4KM Run

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Race Director Eyal Pearl, welcomes you to The Ultraman Challenge Israel 2025 (TUC), a three-day, 515 km annual endurance race held here in Israel.

TUC starts in northern Israel, the Sea of Gallilee, and finishes in southern Israel, Eilat.

TUC is divided into four stages over three days, and each day has a 12 hour cut-off.

Your training will take you places you’ve never been. The three day event – the distances – will test your physical and mental endurance. And afterwards, you will join the TUC family, a family like no other.

We have a dedicated and caring event organizing team, plus the support of local businesses, community groups and sponsors. TUC is a home grown experience, and everything we do is for our athletes, who put themselves on the line.

The first TUC race was held in 2017. The first Ultraman distance event was held in Hawaii in 1983. Today, there are a few Ultraman distance events held worldwide – in Australia, Florida, Hawaii and Canada – and more countries are exploring possibilities every year.


Petr Vabrousek
Inbar Zehavi
Michael Scott
Antonina Reznikov
Andrey Dadon
Nico de Neef and Johannes Balbaert
Erez Tadmor
Daniel Solomon
David Davons
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10KM Swimming

The swim course will take place in the Sea of Galilee (The Kinneret)

420 km Bike

Two days bike course from the Sea of Galliellee in the north to Eilat in the south

84.4km run

Athletes will leave the Dan Neptune hotel and run on dirt roads all the way north to Beer Ora (21/1 KM) and back, twice

If you would like to take part in our 2024 event, please fill in your details in the event application form below. We will contact you in case you are one of the lucky first 40 participants, to congratulate you, and to request additional information. Filling the form does not automatically register you to the event.

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